AI-integrated Chatbots | Companies Should Consider the following features before Choosing the Chatbots.

AI-integrated Chatbots | Companies Should Consider the following features before Choosing the Chatbots.

Companies are opting for chatbots which are 24/7, Understanding the Pattern, Executing Multiple tasks, CX platform, Automate actions, Enable advanced-personalized experiences, API-driven

Companies are investing a behemoth amount of investment in technology to improve the communication channels from text-based to voice or video-based to structure the customer’s service in a more active and efficient way. Bots have distinctive features from different fields such as eCommerce, industrial, or technology.

A chatbot is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) software that enables the conversion or a chat with a user in human language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or the telephone.

Most of the bots are used to improve the customer experience for better communication. According to Bluewolf's annual State of Salesforce report, 29% of the companies worldwide are investing in chatbots. Across sales, service, and marketing, chatbots foster customer loyalty by providing personalized experiences that engage customers before, during, and after critical decision-making points.

Companies are opting for chatbots to grow and valuable & instant customer support. The implementation of chatbots has a certain amount of investment costs but this cost is lower than the investment of consumer service salary, infrastructure, and education. Except for the investment costs, the extra costs of chatbots are quite low.

Juniper Research concluded that the cost savings from using virtual assistants in the Banking Industry is estimated at $209 M in 2019 and it will reach $7.3 B globally by 2023.

24/7 Assistance:

Remember waiting for the customer support and long dragging forwards? These limitations are overcoming by chatbots which will be instant, user-friendly & 24/7 available to customers. Bots should understand the complex queries than simple ones, solving the problem of security and maintenance issues.

Understanding the Pattern:

Chatbots should have the NLP(Natural Language Processing) capabilities to understand the context of a conversation in multiple languages.

Chatbots should have the advanced capabilities to proactively seek out information and process the questions. It should also understand the intent of communication, what is needed to provide an accurate response, and also propose the options to confirm or clarify intent.

Executing Multiple tasks:

The enterprises have multiple functions to interact with so bots should have the feature to track them all and streamline multiple functions at once if needed.

Multipurpose chatbots should offer pre-built and ready-to-deploy bots that address certain use cases such as lead generation, customer support, or answering the customer's queries, for instance, replying to the FAQ, document or website, along with the ability customize them accordingly.

CX platform:

AI-powered chatbot technologies, that can be customized and operated by CX teams, must be prioritized.

Businesses are not dependable on time-consuming and highly-technical skills anymore, but they seek out an easy-to-use, code-less platform that empowers CX professionals-the ones who are experts in the business to build chatbots with hands-on knowledge and expertise.

Automate actions:

Businesses are opting out to process their basic requirements to fulfill by chatbots and with various actions such as:

  • Alter & update contact information
  • Schedule appointments, bookings, and activities
  • Process payments by authenticating the customer’s account-Update and upgrade account services and products
  • Leverage loyalty discounts and coupons for savings

Enable advanced-personalized experiences:

Organizations are investing in a conversational chatbot platform that offers a high degree of personalization, leading to happier customers and business success,

  • Understanding customer queries and account history to provide unique responses
  • Identifying the customers and addressing them by name
  • Customers’ choices should be tailored personally in terms of interests and intent.


Platforms should provide a way to integrate existing backend such as database, content management system, etc. by either providing a way to invoke APIs or provide easy integration in combination with SDK and platform configuration. You need to check:

  • Should in-built bot testing console.
  • connect to different backends from dialog flow
  • Platform Test Support
  • integrate with a channel like Facebook, in order to test your bot.
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